Physician Assistant Programs in New York

For New Yorkers looking to earn a physician assistant (PA) degree, there are multiple options that can be completed without leaving the state. From Rochester Institute of Technology up north to Pace University down in Manhattan, there are campuses housing PA programs all over the state. Additionally, several universities offer online programs that can be completed by students in New York. This page was created to help you figure out how to narrow down your search!


New York PA Programs – Online vs On Campus

What factors should you consider when deciding between an online or on campus physician assistant program as a means to earn your degree? Two things you can think about are what your schedule looks like and how you learn best. Some potential questions to ask yourself can include: 

  • Is there time in your life to attend class at the same time every week? 
  • Do you learn better in an interactive environment where you can talk to peers and watch your professor deliver a live lecture? 
  • How much of a convenience would it be for you if you didn’t have to spend time driving to campus? 


Last Update: 10/26/20


Fully Online PA Programs vs Hybrid PA Programs

There are two types of online programs that aspiring physician assistants can apply to:


Online PA Programs

A true online physician assistant program allows students to complete all of their courses online. As for non-classroom requirements such as clinical experience, these can typically be completed right in the student’s community so that they do not have to travel (check the programs you are applying to to make sure). Some online programs may require a couple of short trips to campus, such as immersion experiences where hands on skills are learned.


Hybrid PA Programs

Some programs require both online and in person courses. These programs blend face to face and distance learning and are considered hybrid physician assistant programs. While they don’t offer the same type of flexibility that online programs offer, they may still offer students a little more convenience as they require fewer trips to campus. 


New York Physician Assistant Program Online Learning Formats

When choosing between online programs you will want to consider how the classes are delivered. Some programs will fall under what is known as synchronous learning – meaning that classes are conducted in real time. A synchronous learning experience can vary from school to school – sometimes it simply means students are having live discussions over chat, so make sure you know what course delivery looks like.

There are also asynchronous programs, which allow students to complete work on their own time. For students that desire more flexibility in when they complete their work, this format is designed to make that possible. There are likely fewer opportunities to interact with peers or view live lectures, but the potential upside is that added flexibility in completing your degree.


New York Physician Assistant On Campus Programs

As you already know, an on campus program is delivered in the traditional classroom setting. Typically with these programs, clinical experiences are completed in the community where the campus is located, though you should check with the schools you are applying to to be sure. On campus programs generally offer plenty of facetime with peers and professors, and are appealing to those looking for the traditional student experience.


How Long do Physician Assistant Programs Take to Complete?

Your physician assistant degree will take two and a half to four years to complete, unless you are a physician assistant already. Included in this time are all clinical components.

In general, according to American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA), PA programs are approximately 27 months.

This time frame includes any clinical requirements that you need to meet in order to earn your degree, as well as the classroom requirements.


Typical Online Physician Assistant Programs Available to New York Students

The following online physician assistant programs are available to students in New York.

Note that some of these options are for students who are already certified PAs but do not hold a master’s degree:

School Degree level Live classes On-campus requirements Length of program Accreditation
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


Doctor of science in physician- assistant studies (DScPAS) No None 3 years, but accelerated program is two years ARC-PA accreditation
Pace University


MPAS for already- certified PAs No None 12 months N/A (program for already certified PAs)
Touro College


MPAS for already- certified PAs No None 12 months N/A (program for already certified PAs)
University of Nebraska – Medical Center


MPAS for already-certified PAs, or MPAS/MPH dual No None Five semesters N/A (program for already certified PAs)
University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley


MPAS for already- certified PAs No None 28 months N/A (program for already certified PAs)
University of Wisconsin – Madison


MPAS Some First summer semester / 12 weeks 36 months ARC-PA accreditation

1ARC-PA probation is a temporary accreditation status for programs that are making substantial progress toward all accreditation standards but need more time to become compliant.

2ARC-PA provisional means that a program has the plans and resources needed to meet all accreditation standards but has not yet enrolled students; or that a program is demonstrating progress toward the standards as it prepares for its first graduating class.


On Campus PA Programs in New York

The following physician assistant programs can be found on New York campuses. There are campuses all over the state – from Albany to Long Island to the Big Apple.

Program City Time to Complete GPA Requirement
Albany Medical College Albany 28 months None
Canisius College Buffalo 27 months 3.0
Clarkson University Potsdam 28 months 3.0
CUNY York College Jamaica 28 months 3.0
D’Youville College Buffalo 4.5 year combined BS and MS 3.0
Daemen College Amherst 33 months 3.0
Hofstra University Hempstead 28 months 3.3
Le Moyne College Syracuse 24 months 3.0
Long Island University Brooklyn 28 months 3.0
Marist College Poughkeepsie 24 months 3.0
Mercy College Dobbs Ferry 27 months 3.0
New York Institute of Technology New York 30 months 3.0
Pace University New York 26 months 3.0
Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester 5 year BS/MS combined 3.0
St. Bonaventure University Allegany 28 months 3.0
St. John’s University Queens 33 months 3.0
Stony Brook University Stony Brook 24 months 3.0
SUNY Downstate Brooklyn 27 months 3.0
SUNY Upstate Syracuse 27 months 3.0
The CUNY School of Medicine New York 28 months 3.0
Touro College – Bay Shore Bay Shore 28 months 3.0
Touro College – Manhattan Manhattan 32 months 3.0
Wagner College Staten Island 36 months 3.2
Weill Cornell Medicine Graduate School of Medical Sciences New York 26 months 3.0


General Tips on How to Become a Physician Assistant in New York

To become a physician assistant in New York, here are some common steps:

  1. Earn your Physician Assistant Degree – This will take you about two to three and a half years. Look for physician assistant programs accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) to ensure you meet certification requirements in the future.
  2. Pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE) – You can learn more about the PANCE on our guide to becoming a physician assistant.
  3. Get Licensed – Check with the New York Office of the Professions as early as possible to make sure you are on track to meet all current requirements for licensure. According to the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA), licensure in New York requires graduation from an accredited bachelor and physician assistant program and passage of the PANCE exam. It does not require current certification by the National
  4. Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA). This is a high-level overview, make sure to check out New York’s state board for exact requirements.